12 Channels Vehicle Jammer

July 10,2018 | Edit by:Leo Xu

This jammer is design to integrated in SUV vehicle and work as a moving jammer. Equipment takes ultra wide-band interference technology with high effective power and wide jamming radius, The interference only affect on downlink signal, won’t have any influence on local BTS. And the Slow-start circuit design just in case of the sparking from the switch, equipment was highly integrated and stable working. To avoid the misoperation, equipment have equipped Self-protection with fault Alarm, automatic shutdown during the over-high temp, VSWR and over-high power


Whole system accessories are including the controller pad and antennas, this product is composed by 7 separate modules(depends on the number of channels, maximum for 12bands), output power are adjustable independently.

Modules are allowed switching off manually and separately when there is any fault shown on the alarm.


This vehicle jammer is controlled via a control pad, users can operating the euipment with all founctions from the controller.


We will paring with Omni-Directional Antennas for this unit and the length and shape of antennas are depends on the frequency bands which was chosen by the user, if the dimension is allowed, antennas can be installed into the vehicle top case and integrated into the car.





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