Handheld RF Sniffer - A "Micro Spectrum Analyzer"

August 20,2018 | Edit by:Trayman

The RF Sniffer 3G analyzer redefines the handheld portable RF spectrum analyzer. It covers two frequency ranges from 15MHz to 2700MHz and 240 MHz to 960MHz in the same unit, with excellent dynamic range and plenty of features.


The RF Sniffer 3G has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It is small and light, but its performance and features is comparable to larger and more expensive devices.


Every engineer, technician, and even hobbyist can now own a RF spectrum analyzer because we optimized its manufacturing costs.



Here goes to show several menus in RF Sniffer 3G . They are organized on different screens, which you can iterate through by using the [Menu] key. If you click [Menu] button multiple times, you will visit every one of them:




For example, a center frequency of 430MHz with a 20MHz span:





A click on [Menu] button will open the Frequency Menu:





Selecting a span of 10MHz, the Start/Stop frequency changes accordingly:





A click on [Return] button will close the menu and go back to Spectrum Analyzer main screen.





While RF Sniffer 3G Spectrum Analyzer screen is enabled, the [Left] and [Right] buttons can be used to increase or decrease the Start/Stop frequency, virtually moving the visible spectrum to the left or the right 25% on every key press. This is helpful in order to offset the visual range without need to specify a new numeric range.





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