Highlight Signal Jammer Collection From Yonlit 2018

September 14,2018 | Edit by:Leo Xu

YONLIT collected 4 types of highlight signal jammer products here, they covered different application and area, applied more choices for the users.




Top1: 12CH Vehicle Jammer



Whole system accessories are including the controller pad and antennas, this product is composed by 7 separate modules(depends on the number of channels), output power can be adjust independently.



Modules are allowed switching off manually and separately when there is any fault shown on the alarm.






 2nd: Camouflage 8CH Moving Jammer for Drone and conference



Maximum support 8 channels with mornitoring function, full unit was hiding in a camouflage and moveable in order to reduce the attraction in public.






3rd: 6CH Signal Jammer for Military and Police department






4th: Handheld Signal Jammer for Conference



For confidential conference, the jammer set with very tiny dimension and easy to carry. Jamming ranges about 1-2meters and suits for small table meeting.



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